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Dalotel DM-165 Viking
This model is available as a 20% (1/5, 67 3/4" wingspan) scale or 18.1% (1/5.5, 59 1/2" wingspan) scale version. The Dalotel model has a very wide speed envelope, is easy to handle, and is very aerobatic. This model is suitable for Sport Scale, IMAC Scale Aerobatics, or Pattern competition.

Design utilizes a midship fuel tank location, pull-pull cable rudder, and span wise variable airfoil design for excellent low speed handling characteristics. Construction is balsa, ply and spruce, and comes in at a weight of 7 1/2 or 6 1/2 lbs. ready to fly. The plans come as three sheets, showing all details required to build the model. Also supplied with the plans are 24 black & white xeroxed photos of the various construction details and building notes. Fiber glass cowls are available.

Model requires a four or five channel radio driving 4 servos, five with retracts (1/5) model.
ARC model comes with pre-assembled wing, tail and fuselage ready to cover, and includes a fiberglass cowl, moulded canopy, landing gear, wheels, and hardware.

The ready-to-cover version of the 20% scale Dalotel is handcrafted by Wilfredo Martinez in Puerto Rico from D&L Designs plans.

All-Ready-to-Cover (ARC)

Kits for Real Kit Builders
Kit Review
(20%) $59.50
(18.1%) $55.00
(20%) $409.95
(18.1%) $219.95

Plan price includes shipping. Call or EMAIL for ARC or ARF shipping costs.
The 18.1% scale ARC kit was reviewed by Model Aviation,
September 2003, vol. 29, no. 9

Addtional Parts Required
Dalotel 650 Cowl
Dalotel 850 Cowl
Dalotel 625 Canopy
Dalotel 750 Canopy
1/5 Scale or 1/5.5 Scale Plans Only:
1/5 Scale Wood Pack:
1/5.5 Scale Wood Pack:
1/5.5 Scale Dalotel ARF Kit:
(20%) 1/5 Scale Dalotel
Wing Span:  67 3/4"
.60 - .90 2-cycle or
.80 - .90 4-cycle
(piped 60 works well for
pattern flying)
(18.1%) 1/5.5 Scale Dalotel
Wing Span:  59 1/2"
.45 - .50 2-cycle or
(piped 45 works well or a
muffled .60)
Photo of the 20% Scale Dalotel Kit 
Photo of the 18.1% Scale Dalotel Kit 
The ready-to-cover version of the 18.1% Dalotel is handcrafted in Guangxi China from D&L Designs plans by the Chang hang Model Factory.
1/5 Scale Dalotel ARC Kit:

Almost-Ready-to-Fly (ARF)

The almost-ready-to-fly version of the Dalotel is handcrafted in Guangxi, China from D&L Designs plans by the Chang hang Model Factory.

ARF model comes pre-finished with iron on covering, painted cowl, hardware, fuel tank, motor mount, spinner and decals.
Two color schemes are offered for the ARF model:

Yellow and white with black trim (scale color scheme), or
Yellow, red, blue and white (airshow color scheme).
(18.1%) $269.95
Sale Price Save $30:
1/5.5 Scale Dalotel ARC Kit:
Sale Price Save $15:
Sale Price Save $15: